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About MGW Newsmagazine

Mom...Guess What started as a monthly newspaper in the year 1978. Publisher Linda D. Birner and Editor David C. Weinerth based the publication on the Daily Sacramento Bee Newspaper and named the publication after a popular coming-out catch phrase of the day. It was a turbulent time in California as gay and lesbians found themselves under fire politically from Proposition 6 “The Briggs Initiative” which threatened to prohibit gay and lesbian teachers from working in public schools. MGW was first run out of Birner’s garage before finding itself in a small office in downtown Sacramento. After several office locations, including one on S street which was vandalized shortly after the AIDS crisis began, MGW came to rest at 1701 L Street, where it remained for many years. I the early it again moved. The 1103 T Street office would find itself playing a pivotal part in MGW’s history. It was the office where after 25 years, Birner decided to retire, handing over the reigns to Jeffry A. Davis.

Davis has been with the newspaper on and off over a 10 year period, since he was just 18 years of age. Davis took over the company for two years before absorbing a local newspaper known as Q-Ragg that was going out of publication. Just four months after the merger another merger took place, one that would change the face of MGW in many ways. Davis partnered with FACES Nightclub owner Terry Sidie to form Guess What Media, LLC. The new company was forged to insure that MGW, a piece of our community's living history, would continue on for years to come.

MGW consistently and reliably reports and informs the LGBT community and their friends in California’s State Capitol and Northern California and has been the recipient of numerous journalistic and photography awards from the Gay & Lesbian Press Association as well as being recognized for services by groups such as the Human Rights Commission. Through the years MGW has also received proclamations from the City of Sacramento, the County of Sacramento and the California Assembly.

MGW continues its tradition of grass-roots community involvement, supporting events and charities with a focus on issues that affect each community's local needs. We maintain a staff in each market of independent writers, photographers and reporters who are an integral part of their own community. We may be a regional publication, but we are determined to provide our readers with information that matters to them in an entertaining, informative and meaningful way. As we progress and grow, our basic commitment remains. Mom Guess What Newspaper (MGW) is published twice monthly by Guess What Media, LLC. Copyright by Guess What Media, LLC. All rights reserved.